Step 1: Fill in the contact information form

The contact information form is used to request the guardian's consent for a minor to take part in the photo shoots and for the guardian to accept the photos for viewing. Please fill in the contact information form given to you and deliver it to the photographer on the photo shoot day. If you send in an advance order by the form, it is valid as such, and the photographer will select the photo that will be used. You can also edit your advance order afterwards at the webshop.


Step 2: Select and confirm your order at the webshop

Our photographers will shoot several photos, which you can view at the webshop before delivery. When the photos can be ordered, you will receive an email and/or SMS invitation to the webshop, if you have given us your phone number and/or email address in your contact information form.

Place your order within the time limit determined at the webshop invitation. At the webshop, you can edit your order: the selected photos, backgrounds, design options and products. At our webshop, the photos are untouched and shown in small resolution. In addition to this, the colour settings of your computer screen may not be identical to the photos' true colours. This means that they are not as high quality as the photos that will be delivered to you.

Please note that you can order the offered products of the photo shoot in question only during the limited time period. Normal priced products can be ordered later. Remember to confirm the purchases in your shopping cart.


Step 3: Delivering your order

Photos and photo products will be delivered to you in accordance to your order, directly to the school or nursery school, or to home, if this has been separately agreed in advance.