Kuvaverkko Oy is a company established in 2000 by its owners, local photography studios.

Our local entrepreneurs, the photographers, are unconditionally committed to their work. We are proud of our numerous long-standing customer relationships with schools and nursery schools as proof of our quality work. Our photographers have specialized in portrait photography and mastered their profession through substantial experience. They value the time with the children in schools and nursery schools and in particular being able to capture the moment a smile lights up a room in front of the camera. Every year, we photograph the childhood, youth, friends and school classes of half a million people all over Finland.e are a forerunner in our field.

We were the first in Finland to introduce digital photography to schools and nursery schools. At Kuvaverkko, we develop and manufacture, through our own production, various photo products that can be bought from our webshop. In addition to nearly a hundred local, professional photographers, Kuvaverkko employs 40 permanent and 40 seasonal workers in image production, customer services and sales at Pitäjämäki in Helsinki.






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