You can choose online payment, an invoice or instalment payment.


Online payment
Paytrail Oyj (FI2122839) provides netbank related payment transfer services in co-operation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Paytrail Oyj is shown as the recipient on the bank statement or credit card bill, and they will forward the payment to Kuvaverkko. Paytrail Oyj has the concession of the payment institution. In a case of a reclamation, we ask you to primarily contact Kuvaverkko.


If you order by using the contact information form or if you choose invoicing as your payment method at the webshop, the invoice will be attached to the delivery. The invoice's payment term is 30 days. Invoicing fee is 3,95 €.


Collector instalments
Collector Bank Ab offers the option to pay the invoices in instalments. After Collector accepts your credit application, you will have immediate access to your Collector account and you can pay off your first invoices right away, up to 1,000 €.

No interest or other charges will be added to the invoice during the first month, which means that you will get a 0–30 day interest-free payment term, depending on the date of payment. Fixed interest of 1.6% per month will be added to the instalments, which equals a 19.20% nominal annual interest rate. In addition, an account management fee of 2.95 € per month will be added for the months when credit is used.

All permanent residents of Finland aged 20 or over, with no payment default entries and an annual income of at least 15,000 €, can apply for a Collector account.

The real annual interest in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act is 26.2% for 12 months for a credit of 1,000 €.

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