The pictures should be returned in the same envelope they arrived in. In case the pictures, have been delivered home, place the address sticker from the invoice right corner, on the envelope, to the assigned place. You can, also, return the pictures in any envelope, by using our return address, where the sender pays the delivery:



TUNNUS 5012495



In case, you return only some of the products, you should pay the kept products, using the original invoice. The invoice's end sum consists of the products á prices. If the returned pictures, have already been paid for, please inform us of your account details upon the return.


Products sent in a package should be returned as a customer return. The package can be returned either through Post or through Matkahuolto:

-Packages returned through Post, should include, the aforementioned return address and write next the address, noticeably Asiakaspalautus.

-Packages returned through Matkahuolto, you need to write on the package Asiakaspalautus and mention the contract number 9524030