I did not have time to enroll for the photo shoot, what do I do?

You can, also, enroll afterwards as the registration page stays open after the given date. You should enroll with the same order ID that was used to take the photo. The correct order ID can be found on photo form. The information and the pictures will then be connected afterwards in our production. Have a lovely photo shoot!


How can I add a friend picture after I have enrolled?

You cannot change the information after you have enrolled. You can write on the bottom of the photo form, who will participate in the friend photo and the photographer will take the friend picture, in these cases, despite it not being informed in advance.


Why can’t I log in?
Check that you are signing in with the same e-mail address you are registered with. If you are a new customer and have not registered yet you have to do that first and then you can log in.


I can’t register what should I do?
You may already have an account for our webshop. An order ID can only be registered for one e-mail address. Please contact our customer service if it has already been used asiakaspalvelu@kuvaverkko.fi. If you have already registered the order ID may automatically have been linked to your user account.


Why hasn’t a password been sent to me by email?
Have you already registered to our webshop? Make sure, you are ordering the password, to the same email address you have registered with. If the email address was misspelt during registration, our system will not recognize the correctly spelt address. If the problem persists, please contact our customer service, tel. +358 9 3158 4922 (local network charge) or by email at asiakaspalvelu(at)kuvaverkko.fi.


My email address has changed. What should I do?
Please contact our customer service by email to asiakaspalvelu(at)kuvaverkko.fi, and inform us of your new and old email address. We will then update the information for you.


Where can I find my order ID?
The order ID can be found in the invitation email, in a text message and on the side of the photo.


I received the order ID via text message, but it doesn’t work. Why?
The order ID consists of 12 numbers. Please check that you have entered the whole order ID. The order ID can only be connected to one email address. If the order ID is already in use, please contact our customer service.


What should I do if I haven’t received notification about my photos by email?
A notification by email and text message is sent simultaneously to everyone in the photo shoot. Did you remember to fill in your email address or phone number when you enrolled for the photo shoot? Sometimes a spam filter prevents messages from reaching the inbox in which case the message may have ended up in a junk mail folder. If you don't find the message please contact our customer service.


Why can I only see old photos?
Have you previously registered to our web shop with a different email address then the one you are signed in with now? The photos are attached to the email address, you provided while enrolling for the photo shoot.


Can I edit my order after the deadline?

Orders are, automatically, sent to production after the deadline and cannot be edited after that. If the order has not been made, in our webshop, before the deadline, we will deliver the welcome package to you for viewing. These pictures have a 14 day, free of charge, return policy. The welcome package is not sent in sports, confirmation or school dance pictures. More on this by “Why did I receive pictures even though I did not order anything?”


How can I change the photo for a product?

In the webshop, you should choose the product in 2. Choose products (the first picture is always the default setting). After choosing the product, you choose the photo, which you wish to order. In the shopping cart you can change the photo for each product separately by clicking on the blue Edit button after the product.


Why can’t I find my photos in the webshop?
We will send you a notification by email/text message when your photos are ready to be viewed and ordered, in the webshop. Please check that you have signed in to the webshop with the same email address that you provided while enrolling for the photo shoot.


Can I order photos of all my children at the same time?
Yes, you can. You can start by, choosing one of your child’s pictures to the shopping cart and then return to the Browse pictures- section to select your other child’s pictures and move forward to select the products. However, take into account that first-time buyer benefits are valid for a limited time after the photo shoot and your children’s photo shoots might not coincide. You can always order more photos of all of your children at the same time later. If you order, at the same time, your children’s photos with home delivery, there will be added +1 euro per combined order, to the delivery charge.


How can I order two different friend or group photos?

Choose the product Friend picture, then the picture you want and add the product to your shopping cart. Then select the same product again and now you choose a different picture and then add it to the shopping cart. This is how you can order Friend pictures with two different images. You can also order several group pictures in the same way.


Why do not all the products come at the same time?
You may have ordered other products besides photos. These products will be sent to your home address, while the pictures may be part of a joint order for the school. Different products have different modes of delivery. Photos are delivered by mail to your home address or to the school and other products either as a separate letter or postal package. The products also have different manufacturing time.


What do I do if I haven’t received my photos?

Orders move into production as soon as the order has been made in our webshop. That is why the same schools students might have different shipment dates, depending on when the order was made. Some of the orders are delivered to the school/day care. Could your photos be there?


Are you sure you gave us the correct address? You can check this by signing in to our web shop and look in the My account section. If needed, contact our customer service.


I’ve lost the return envelope. How can I return products?
Products should be returned in the same envelope or package they arrived in, if they are still available and intact. If the original envelope is no longer available you can write the address


Kuvaverkko Oy
Tunnus 5012495
00003 Vastauslähetys


Kuvaverkko pays your postage fees.

On return packages sent via Matkahuolto you have to write Asiakaspalautus and the following code (sopimusnumero) 9524030


Why did I receive pictures even though I did not order anything?
Kuvaverkko follows the Consumer Ombudsman’s guidelines to the letter. The principle is that all children must be photographed and the photographs must be delivered to everyone so that no children are placed in an unequal position relative to their classmates. Because of this, those who do not order any photographs are sent the welcome package to be viewed at home without any commitments. This delivery can be returned free of charge, either in part or in full, using the included envelope.


“When photographs are taken at school, it must be ensured that photography and the delivery of pictures does not give rise to a conflict between a child and other pupils or between child and home. Nor may a child be placed in a situation of inequality relative to its classmates. The same principle must be observed in the case of kindergartens. This idea is expressed also in the Basic Education Act (628/1998).”

The Consumer Ombudsman’s guidelines can be found at: http://bit.ly/2zFmoIk


For how long can you order old photos?
Image files are stored for, at least, a year. Your most recent photos will be displayed by default in our webshop. Older photos that are linked to the same user account are shown in the Browse pictures- section.


How can my child’s other parent order photos?
You can share the order ID to family and friends in our webshop. The main user can send a link for ordering photos in our webshop by "Share the pictures ordering rights". Acquaintances register to the service as separate customers with the login information they received. If you want to share several children's photos you have to send a separate invitation for every child.


How can the same products be priced differently in different schools?
A local agreement is always made for school- and nursery school photo shoots together with the parents' association, the student union or the principal of the school/manager of the nursery school. In the agreement the prices of the photo products is decided.


The price of the photo products includes the shooting of a professional photographer with studio equipment and the finishing of the photos. The final prices are determined by the time of the shoot, size of the school, the duration of the agreement and any organizational and collection fees that the school, nursery school or association. The administration fee covers the rent, cleaning and other costs related to the use of the premises. With the collection fee we collect funds for the benefit of children and youths, such as scholarships and school trips.