Consent for participating in the photo shoot, for delivering the photographs to the school / day-care centre / sports association / company / community that ordered the photo shoot (hereafter referred to as the Orderer), for Kuvaverkko to process the personal data of the person being photographed and the Customer, and for the Customer accepting the photographs to be sent to them for viewing without a separate order is requested from the guardian of the person being photographed or the person, if over 18 years old (hereafter referred to as the Customer), in connection with signing up for the photo shoot.

After the photo shoot, we will send Customers an invitation to the webshop via e-mail or text message to the e-mail address or telephone number provided by the Customer, and there they may edit and order photographs. The Customer must check their customer data and delivery address when placing an order in the webshop. Confirmed orders cannot be edited, as they are automatically forwarded to production and order confirmations are sent to the Customer’s e-mail address.

If the Customer has not placed an order in the webshop within two weeks of receiving the invitation, photographs along with a price list will be sent to the Customer for review to the address provided by the Customer.* If they wish, the Customer may purchase all or some of the photographs by using the invoice delivered with the photographs during the 14-day free-of-charge right of return, including 3,95 € as payment charge and 2,95 € as delivery charges for letters.


The Orderer has agreed on the delivery method of first orders to the Customer or the Orderer in advance. Products that cannot be delivered as a letter are delivered by parcel post.


Delivery charge for a letter is 2,95 € per order.
Delivery charge for a parcel is 6,95 € per order.
If one order contains photographs of several children, delivery fees are only charged once and a processing fee of +1,00 € per child is added to the sum.
We only deliver to Finland.


The order must be 18 or over.

Kuvaverkko Oy reserves the rights to the photos.

*The Consumer Ombudsman's statement concerning school and kindergarten photo shoots: